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- Monroe, Washington -


This Masterclass connected paper florists from around the world… 

We organized this Masterclass because we believe that through education and networking we can elevate our art and our paper floral businesses to new heights. 

…and engaged them with leading wedding industry talents….

We wanted to connect paper florists with well-known talents in the wedding industry — seasoned florists, veteran photographers, and high end wedding planners — so paper florists around the world can expand his/her paper floral business to new heights. 

…and turning creative dreams and goals into reality!

On April 9, 2019, 18 students, 11 instructors and 2 vendors came together at a beautiful family-owned flower farm, Pine Creek Nursery and Farm, in Monroe, Washington, to connect, share, and elevate the art of all paper florists. Four 4 days, we learned from each other, made new friends, and came away feeling empowered.

Students came from all over the world including the United States, Australia, Japan, and South Korea. Some students were established paper florist entrepreneurs; some made paper flowers as a hobby; and some had very little experience with paper flowers. Regardless of experience, each and every one of us wanted to connect with other like-minded creatives, to talk about the joys of creating, to share common frustrations, to be inspired, and to grow as artists and/or entrepreneurs.

 Photo gallery credit: Caroline Tran Photography

Here’s what our students are saying about the Masterclass:


To be in a room with so many people who share your passion for paper flowers was invigorating! All the details were top notch and the organizers were warm and welcoming. The caliber of instructors that were there was amazing! Which says a lot about the relationships the organizers have with them.

-Wendy Middaugh, WJM Paper Floral Designs


The Paper Florist Masterclass was more than I’ve ever expected it to be. There was so many amazing and super important topics discussed. The instructors were very informative and so welcoming with any questions. Quynh, Jessie, and Priscilla went over the top to make us all feel welcomed and comfortable and part of this beautiful paper floral community. I left with so much more than knowledge for my business, I left with love and sense of community and new friendships from around the world. It was very well worth the investment for my business and for myself.

-Rosemary Joaquin, Rosie’s and Lily’s Paper Flowers


The first Paper Florists Masterclass that gathers all the leading instructors and like-minded artists in this industry! Everyday was intense and the itinerary was packed with everything that we needed to learn to elevate our business. This is for you if you are just starting out and seeking for ideas and solutions to your business. What blew me off was how passionate all the instructors were; putting in so much effort to help us and they also fed us well everyday! It is such a memorable one and I've made many great friends. I will definitely consider the next Masterclass!

-Jasmine Sing, Merremade

What a privilege it was to attend the first every Paper Florist Masterclass in April 2019. The Masterclass was the perfect blend of technical instruction, business advice covering branding, creating the perfect business for you, and ensuring that you pay attention to the 'boring' side of the business, finding your own creative style, making improvements in photographing and editing images of your work, targeting weddings and using fresh flowers and paper flowers combined. I knew that Quynh, Jessie and Priscilla would put together an amazing experience, but I wasn't prepared for the quality of the instructors and vendors, the enthusiasm they felt towards our industry and just the love in the room. An amazing group of people with a common passion who were there to lift each other up. Amazing.

-Nichole McCausland, Everyday Wreath

The photography sessions blew me away. It's changed so much for me! Thank you Kelly, Caroline and Jessie! I learned so much, I don't even know where to begin or stop! I loved being part of such a great group of women who are in the same field. They cheer you on and make you feel that what we do matters and that WE matter. It was a great experience and I had a great time! Btw, the food! I came home five pounds heavier!

-Danielle S McDermott, Out of My Bloomin’ Mind

To me, attending the Paper Florists Masterclass was such an amazing experience. The knowledge, advise, and techniques that were imparted are truly priceless. I found a community of paper flower artists that is made up of incredible women and not once did I feel like I didn't belong, even as a beginner amongst established artists and entrepreneurs. I am so incredibly glad that I made the decision to be a part of such an empowering event!

-Sofia Torres, Bianca Noelle Blooms

Learning together with people who have passion and creativity, exchanging ideas and thoughts, getting inspiration each other…The Paper Florist Masterclass was such an invaluable experience for me. All the courses from the teachers were informative and well thought out, and I didn’t want to miss even a bit! It helped to learn not only about the skills and techniques of making flowers, but also the business side of view. It covered pretty much everything that we should know when you start business with what you love, paper flowers. I appreciate all the teachers and friends in the class and I am so looking forward to seeing our paper flowers grow and bloom all over the world in the near future!

-Aya Yoshimura, Colorful Petals

Like many small businesses, I struggled with building my business. Since attending the Masterclass, my business has changed significantly. I came away from the Masterclass with the knowledge I needed to make some big changes in how I run my business—and the results have been great! I am now busier than I could have imagined and feel empowered to go out into the world to share my craft. The Masterclass was not only a great learning experience from the top in our industry, but the camaraderie between the students and instructors forged strong relationships. I now have about 30 new women that I feel I can count on to help me along my journey. I can’t wait for another class!!!

-Susan Bonn, Susan Bonn Designs


Thanks to our generous sponsors, the students and instructors used top quality crepe paper products and mediums.

Our sponsors included Lia Griffith, Pacon, Pan Pastel, Carte Fini, and Design Master.


Finally, many thanks to our amazing female instructors:


Quynh Nguyen, Pink and Posey

Jessie Chui, Crafted to Bloom

Priscilla Park, Sophia and Rose Collective

Kate Alarcón, Cobralily

Alicia Schwede, Flirty Fleurs

Lia Griffith, Lia Griffith

Margie Keates, The Lovely Ave

Rebecca Grant, New Creations Wedding

Caroline Tran, Caroline Tran Photography

Kelly Lemon, Kelly Lemon Photography

Dina Wheeler, RMT