Over Coffee: How to Conduct a Bridal Consultation

Photo credit: Kelly Lemon Photography

Photo credit: Kelly Lemon Photography

LISTEN TO PAPER TALK - EPISODE 9: Over Coffee - How to Conduct a Bridal Consultation

Join us this week as we discuss how we consult with potential clients/brides that approach us for unique commissions. Each of us has varying but extensive experience with wedding inquiries, so we often get questions about how we go about communicating with our clients, what issues to address and confirm during our communications from the initial contact to delivery, and what questions to ask so you don’t get burned.

We all approach our consultations slightly differently, but we all agree that there are a number of topics that must be part of the discussion early on. We hope that our frank conversation in this Episode of Paper Talk will enlighten anyone who has to speak with a client - any type of client - about a commission or sale.

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