The Paper Florists Collective

Purpose: to share knowledge, connect, and elevate the artistry of individual paper florists.


Our vision


In 2017, an idea was born: create an online community to connect people in the paper florist industry. Within a few days of posting the concept on Instagram, a Facebook group was created. Since then, growth of this community has been phenomenal. 

Administered by Quynh Nguyen, Jessie Chui, Priscilla Park, and Amity Beane, the group is populated by people from all around the world, at all levels of paper floristry, actively participating and sharing learning and growth.

As administrators, we saw the amazing potential of an organization dedicated to promoting our members. We identified three areas to develop: an international directory of paper florists and their design services, a juried lookbook to publish the best of the best in our industry, and a paper florists conference.

We are overjoyed to announce that we are formalizing our community to develop the Paper Florists Collective and meet these goals. We are using the first half of 2018 to establish and organize so that we can launch with a strong foundation in order to promote our purpose: to share knowledge, connect, and elevate the artistry of individual paper florists.

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How can you be a part now?

Click here to become a 2018 sponsor of the Paper Florists Collective Makers Meetings.

Currently, we offer one webinar a month in the form of makers meetings. Each month we choose a challenge flower and a topic. In our first year, these meetings were 100% sponsored by members of the group through the now-defunct Patreon account of Amity.

makers meeting the paper florists collective

This giant effort to offer an interactive and live educational and social event was for the benefit of all members of the group and allowed us to meet, share with each other, and learn from each other.

paper flower challenge cosmos

We have a new way to support the cost of makers meetings and we hope you will join us in 2018 as a sponsor of these important networking webinars.

paper flower challenge sunflower