Easy Guide on How to Write a Research Paper Fast

Writing a research paper is not a walk through the park. Besides in-depth research, there are multiple chapters to handle when working on a research paper. 

Often, time is not a luxury that many students can afford when assigned a research paper. This article will guide you on the tips to write a research paper fast and manage a quality paper within the time at your disposal. 

How to write a research paper quickly: tips for fast research paper writing

Do you feel as if the time at your disposal is barely enough to prepare a decent research paper? With the tasks at hand, it is normal to feel this way. However, your research paper should not overwhelm you. Here are some handy tips on how to quickly write a research paper. 

  1. Choosing a topic

The key tip on how to write a paper quickly is to select a manageable topic that can be exhausted with the available time and resources. When choosing your topic, sort the available resources and gauge the breadth of your claims.

It is best to choose a topic that you understand and also one that captures your curiosity. Refrain from selecting a challenging concept in a bid to ‘scare’ your tutor. Doing this may cause you to stress during research and make it hard to exhaust your paper’s argument. 

  1. Research your topic

Before diving into your topic, research the topic to ensure that it has not been exhausted and that there are adequate sources to support your claims. Use Wikipedia as a guide for the secondary materials relating to your topic. 

Also, keep a meticulous record of your sources to reduce the struggle of retrieving a resource midway through your writing process. 

  1. Prepare an outline

An outline is crucial for writing a research paper fast. The outline will help you organize your thoughts and gauge the completeness of your argument. The outline also helps you to avoid challenges that could halt your progress midway through your paper, offsetting your schedule. 

  1. Delegate some tasks

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Although a tutor might insist that you handle your paper by yourself, you may have to ask for help to meet your deadlines. 

However, avoid delegating the key tasks of paper writing as this could compromise your capacity to structure a complete argument. Consider delegating the proofreading and editing component of your paper, as this could barely affect your argument. 

  1. Find a good study environment

Compromised focus is the key reason why students take long to write their papers. It is good that you master maximum focus to exhaust your arguments. For this, eliminate distractions in your study environment and gather your sources to avoid disruptions to your study session. 

  1. Take breaks between your sessions

Although this may seem counterintuitive, we recommend that you take breaks between your study sessions. These breaks allow you to rest, regaining the focus to cover the remaining portion of your study. 

  1. Set objectives and prepare a schedule

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Often, looking at the lumpsum task could cause you to be scared of handling your paper. Breaking the paper into phases and planning for what to do in each session helps break the fear, providing you the impetus to handle your paper. 

It is thus great that you prepare and commit to a schedule that clearly defines the activities to be catered for in each session. 

  1. Start early

Procrastination is the key reason students fall short of their deadlines. Often, you may think you have ample time to do a paper, and resort to the downward spiral of pushing this task to a later date. This results in last-minute research paper writing, triggering stress and resulting in a poor grade. 

You should start working on your paper as soon as you receive it, paying proper attention to various elements of your argument. 

Can you write a research paper in a day?

How fast one can write a research paper is a question that bothers many students. As such, students often fall victim to the planning fallacy. This is a human tendency to overestimate our work rate with regard to the task at hand. 

A research paper ranges between fifty to a hundred pages and may take up to two months to prepare. As such, it is impossible to write a research paper in a day unless you are looking to submit a paper marred by plagiarism and structural and grammar errors. 

Final take

We hope that these tips on how to write a paper quickly help you complete your paper and score a decent score. Feel free to consult our experts for guidance on various challenging concepts and custom paper help.