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It all started with an idea and a desire to create an online community to connect paper florists from all over the world...

To make this a reality, The Paper Florists Facebook Group was created in 2017, and in 2018, The Paper Florists Collective was formally established by Quynh Nguyen, Jessie Chui, and Priscilla Park. Since then, the growth of our paper flower community has been phenomenal. 

We have members from all over the world and at all levels of paper floristry, actively participating and sharing, learning, and growing.

Our hope is to continue to nurture an inclusive and supportive environment in which our community members can connect with each other in meaningful ways, share with and learn from each other, and grow and elevate their artistry.

Our purpose 

To share knowledge, connect, and elevate the artistry of individual paper florists worldwide.
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Listen weekly as we talk to established & emerging paper florists, industry leaders, and answered questions from the community.

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Join us at our international paper flower workshops and Masterclasses as we take our instructors on the road.

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Join our Facebook community where we meet and celebrate our community's unique creations and achievements.


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